Portraits of Nature

As the title suggests, in the series there is a certain transgression of boundaries between pictorial genres. Usually portraiture is associated with persons, not with trees, a flower or a wave. In the Portraits of Nature the frequent use of close-ups and synecdoche, the careful attention to detail, the lively execution and sometimes an utter decontextualization are elements akin to the intimacy with the subject so essential to portraiture. Read more


The same image of Frida Kahlo is repeated several times followed by several times the same image of Andy Warhol. But the repetition is subverted: each link of the chain is a formal and conceptual variation. Andy’s portraits have been painted using symbols of the life and works of Frida, and viceversa, Kahlo’s portraits are embodied in Warholian surfaces or ideas. Read more

Suite Duchamp

The impact and importance of Marcel Duchamp’s achievements as well as the enduring influence of his plural legacy make him one of the towering figures of twentieth-century Western art. Many artists have produced art inspired by the enigmatic master’s output but —to my knowledge— no one  has ever attempted what I have accomplished: to dedicate a whole body of work to a one-of-a-kind conceptual and pictorial dialogue with his artistic persona and creations. Read more